Physician Asset Protection

Physician Asset Protection is important due to exposure to malpractice suits etc. Are your assets at risk in the event of a malpractice suit? By utilizing a Life Insurance, leveraged loan strategy designed specifically to fit your unique needs, Route Three can help you protect your assets from creditors, shelter growth from taxes and eliminate the downside of market fluctuations, while still participating with the growth of the market.

We provide a free, no obligation review of your current coverage to make sure you have true Disability “own occupation” benefits and so that you can be confident your life insurance policy is performing the way you intended it to.

Other strategies may also be appropriate, depending on your personal situation. Trusts play a very important role in planning. Annuities, cash value live insurance, and captives (831b) may be appropriate for some people. Since every situation is unique, we are offering a no obligation review of your situation.

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