Critical Illness Insurance

“Not because you are going to die, but because you are going to survive.”

Because of advances in medical technology, nearly 75% of people who face a critical illness don’t lose their life — just their life savings.  That’s where Dr. Marius Bernard came in.

           -Dr. Marius Barnard (World Famous Surgeon and Founder of Critical Insurance)

Ralph and Dr. Barnard at the 2nd annual world critical illness insurance conference

Ralph and Dr. Barnard at the 2nd annual world critical illness insurance conference

Dr. Marius Barnard performed the first successful human-to-human heart transplant with his brother Christiaan. This breakthrough was one of many medical advances which increased life expectancy.  As life expectancy increased, so did the incidence of critical illness.  Dr. Barnard found that a “new” kind of insurance designed to protect assests if we get sick and almost died, and made it his personal mission to develop such a product.  As a doctor, Marius Barnard could repair a man physically, but could not undo the damage done to his finances, so in 1983 he invented Critical Illness Insurance.

“The operation was successful, we repaired the heart and removed your wallet.” — Marius Barnard, MD

Ask yourself the following:

  • “Do you think it is POSSIBLE for a 42-year-old physician to have a heart attack, cancer or stroke? Do you think you would be likely to survive the incident?”
  • “If you had been stricken by a heart attack, cancer or stroke last night, what are the first three things you would be worrying about this morning?”
  • “How much money would you need to do that?”

Critical Insurance pays you a lump sum of tax-free cash in the event of diagnosis of a covered illness such  as cancer, heart attack, stroke, or renal failure. This product is designed to protect your retirement portfolio from the adverse financial affects of a life altering critical diagnosis.  Instead of postponing retirement, we can either maintain your age at retirement goal or possibly even accelerate your retirement goals.  In most states, you can get a 100% refund of premiums if you don’t have a claim.  For the cost of a couple of hours of paperwork per month, we can help protect your retirement portfolio with Critical Insurance.

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Neither health nor life insurance was ever intended to cover the kinds of financial catastrophes triggered by a critical illness.  In 1999, the first Critical Illness Insurance policy was sold in the US.  Critical Illness Insurance is designed to deliver up to $1,000,000 lump sum tax free when it is needed most, at the time of diagnosis.  No other product does that.
Many physicians, especially those early in their careers, carry large financial obligations.  If a critical illness were to strike, would you survive financially?




Like all other insurance, we all hope we never need it.  Unfortunately, half of Americans will develop a critical illness during their lifetime, and three quarters will survive it.  Critical illness insurance can work well for people who don’t qualify for Disability Insurance.  Those individuals who do buy DI insurance can’t financially survive the frequent two to three month waiting period, only to live on 60% of their former income after that. Critical Illness insurance is the only financial product designed to protect your assets during your asset accumulation stage.




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