Physician Disability Insurance

Physician Disability Insurance is critical in protecting your largest asset. — Your ability to work and generate income.

A doctor’s income is his or her most important asset, and the ability to earn income in the future is based on staying well, and able to work. Physician Disability Insurance can protect this asset, and AAPS members qualify for an exclusive 15% discount from an “A” rated national carrier. If you are not an AAPS member, becoming a member will usually save you more than your membership dues.

Premature disability is the number one cause of mortgage foreclosures and personal bankruptcy. Protect yourself and your family from a financial disaster today with physician disability coverage.

What would happen to you if disability strikes? How much disability coverage do you need?



You don’t need to belong to the AMA in order to get a discount on physician disability insurance. Now AAPS members qualify for a 15% discount from a national carrier. We shop all carriers, so that you can see for yourself!

All physician disability insurance is not the same. Many employer sponsored disability insurance contracts will not cover all of your earnings, and some medical association sponsored physician disability insurance coverages actually increase in premium every five years!

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Chances of a physician becoming disabled are far greater than of premature death, yet financially, just as catastrophic. For a no obligation review on your disability coverage as well as other coverages, please fill out the form below.

This policy has some very important provisions, for example:

  1. Premiums are GUARANTEED to stay level until age 65, 67, or 70.
  2. Benefits will be paid if you are unable to perform the duties of your OWN occupation, even if you go back to work.
  3. Once approved, your benefit amount will be paid (with cost of living adjustment if selected), upon diagnosis of a disability, even if your income is no longer as high as it was when you applied.
  4. AAPS members get a 15% discount.
  5. Get up to $25,000 of monthly coverage.
  6. Extra Benefits paid for a catastrophic disability.
  7. Non disabling injury benefit up to $3000 per incident built in to policy.
  8. Good Health Benefit: for every consecutive policy year you go without claim your elimination period will be reduced by two days per year down to 30 days.

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This short video illustrates how different kinds of disability policies have helped a dentist financially:

Dentist Disability

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